Freqently Asked Questions

Is LEIA a hologram?

Leia makes it possible to project an image in the air – an image through which you can put your hand or walk but it's not a 3D projection. The image is flat and thus does not meet the criteria of the hologram definition.

Does the display project a 3D image?

As above. No. The projection surface is flat but the displayed 3D materials make the impression of being spatial from a certain distance.

What substance is used to create the mist screen? Is it safe?

For production of mist, just like in nature, plain demineralised water is used. You can say, that Leia is a sort of a vaporiser.

Is a projector included in the set?

No. There isn’t one recommended type of the projector. Its type and power depends on the brightness of the place where it will be used.

Can Leia be used outdoors? / What are the optimum conditions?

The projection surface is made of a water mist. It is in fact protected with special air curtains but it is not recommended to use the device in draughts or directly under blowing air. As you may already presume, Leia is not suitable to be used outdoors.

Can the image be seen from all directions?

The image is displayed using a rear projector. The projector has to be located facing to audience. The image can be seen from both sides but to this end you will need two projectors.

Can you make Leia in any size?

Yes. Apart from the devices available in our offer, we can complete custom orders of any size. Please note however, that this is connected with developing a new design and thus a lot higher purchase price. Offers for custom orders are prepared upon customer’s request.

How much water does Leia use per day? Can you use tap water?

Leia S-95 consumes ca. 400ml of water per hour. In case of Leia X-300 this amounts to 4 liters per hour. The display should be supplied with demineralised water. Using tap water is not recommended due to the depositing scale.

How long can the display work continuously? How often does it fail?

There are no time limits when it comes to non-stop operation of the device. As long as the display is supplied with water, it will work.